April Fools’ brand exposure

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It’s that time of year again where everyone tries to catch you out on the morning of April the 1st. No one seems to really know the origin of April Fools’ day but regardless it is a widespread tradition (apart from in China whose news outlet Xinhua marked it as ‘un-Chinese) that is also harnessed by brands with the hope of gaining a little extra brand exposure.

Here’s a round-up of some of the good, the bad and the ugly. Enjoy and it might spark some ideas for next year.

Professor Green Tea
PG Tips has partnered up with Professor Green to produce Professor Green Tea – I think his face says it all.


London Eye studio penthouses
London Eye got creative in Photoshop and claimed they were transforming its top two capsules into studio penthouses. Don’t think you would have much space but the views would be fantastic!


Telepathic food ordering
Deliveroo claimed to be working with top neuroscientists to develop telepathic food ordering. I personally think this would be an excellent idea if it was at all possible. All you have to do it think about being hungry and food arrives! Might not be too good for the diet though.

Pimms O’Clock
Did you see Pimms is sponsoring Big Ben?

Teleporting Soldiers
The US Army and its team of scientists have successfully teleported soldiers – can we start using this instead of commuting to work?


Facebook founder goes into fashion
H&M announced they are bringing out a Mark Zuckerberg collection, consisting of seven grey T-shirts and one set of jeans…


Dream job
Eve Sleep has two new vacancies for ‘Mattress Testing Managers’. Posting a blog with the details. Responsibilities for the job will include:

  • Napping for up to 3 hours each working day, adopting various positions including solider, starfish, foetal and the spoon.
  • Reporting back in detail after each nap on mattress comfort level and nap satisfaction.
  • Trial and testing of new product lines including premium memory foam pillows.
  • Performing routine light exercise during business hours including yoga and brisk walks ensuring suitable weariness for optimal napping.
  • Verifying product comfort specification and regulation requirements.

This is personally my favourite – mainly because I wish the job was real.

All in all I think it’s a little overdone now, but if you’re creative with it then it gets people talking as well as creating some light-hearted fun for the PR teams. Just make sure you don’t get it wrong (Google didn’t do too well out of it this year).

What were your favourite April Fools?

Post by Becky Beaumont, Media & PR Executive

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