Can you use client care surveys to drive the bottom line? – Part 2

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Overlooked elements of project investment.

Last week’s blog touched upon ways of maximising project investment that are commonly overlooked.


Performance versus importance.

This is a relatively simple technique, and an excellent management tool. The output is a clear visual representation of under and over performance, alongside being able to identify areas that you may spend too much time on, in addition to those that require more attention.


Understanding of your portfolio.

If you provide more than one service or product, how many of these are your clients/customers aware of?


What is being commissioned in the next 12 months?

What are your clients/customers looking to purchase in the next 12 months – because without understanding the need, how can you provide a relevant service?


What about those outside the ‘sphere of contact’?

Do your client care projects speak to lapsed or non-clients/customers? This is essential for a fuller perspective and to identify more opportunities.


What extra benefits does this bring?

By integrating all of the above in your project you will clearly identify a range of potential business opportunities with your existing client/customer base, in addition to those not currently engaged with you.


How can you achieve this?

It’s really straightforward.

You can incorporate these topics within your project, using a balanced mix of depth interviews, supported by a wider client survey. For the time and investment, it is cost-effective and if used well, can deliver clear and tangible impact on your bottom line.


What next?

Let us know if you would like us to share our experience and insight in this area with you, and your business. We’d love to hear from you and chat through any elements via a catch-up over the phone, or over a coffee.

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