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Marketing trends to leave in 2017

There’s always a lot of hype around New Years Eve and the start of a new calendar year, usually as it lets us…
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Agenda announced for 4th Annual Tourism Insight Conference

              Updated Tuesday 20 June NGI Solutions has today announced the full agenda for the 4th Annual…
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One does not simply justify memes as a content plan

Why memes probably aren’t for you (or your brand)

What is a meme? "A piece of work or an idea or a term or a turn of phrase that transcends its origins…
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Socially inept?

Cue the Hovis advert music. When I was a lad, by the time I took a wider interest in the world (I did…
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Digital is centre court at Wimbledon

Bill Jinks is IBM’s chief technology officer for sales and distribution in the UK and a distinguished engineer. He leads a team of…
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April Fools’ brand exposure

It’s that time of year again where everyone tries to catch you out on the morning of April the 1st. No one seems…
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Mark Williams

Mr LinkedIn or: How I learned to stop being sceptical and love the world’s largest professional network

Earlier this month, Kathie Wilcox (who heads up our marketing and comms team) attended a much anticipated event hosted by UNW and led…
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