Christmas Past and Christmas Presents

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Christmas is around the corner and things are getting very festive. Everyone’s developing warm feelings of nostalgia as they finish their first mince pie of the season, put up the tree in the living room and don ironically bad sweaters. But the thing we all really enjoy about Christmas is the presents. Don’t act like you don’t, because we all know that receiving is better than giving.

Here at NGIS Towers, we’ve always had high hopes for Christmas. We undertook a mini survey to think about what we wanted from Santa as children, and how our priorities may (or may not) have shifted since then. All of us being in different situations and at different stages of life, it definitely shows what a varied bunch we are.

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Modest and Honest.

Shelley Armstrong, Media & PR Manger

Gift I wanted as a child: Despite a severe allergy, I liked horses (can’t go within 20 feet of one in reality), and as such had a slight obsession with My Little Pony. They were always top of my list, I had books, figures and wallpaper – just in case there was any doubt about how much I loved them

Gift I want this year: Since becoming a mam earlier this year, my obsession for plastic horses has alas dissipated and a big practical bag that can fit emergency baby supplies, sling and everything I could possibly need for work would be a dream gift.

Kathie Wilcox, Marketing and Communications Director

Gift I wanted as a child: Roller boots and leg warmers – to wear together for extra speed, warmth and street cred!  The leg warmers also covered the roller boot-related bruises, largely linked to being pulled along by skipping ropes tied to the back of friends’ bikes.

Gift I want this year: In line with my latest Pinterest fixation, I would love Santa to bring me some copper homeware accessories for my newly decorated dining room. Sadly I fear he will be too loaded down with Barbie camper vans and cuddly toys for the kids.


A couple of dreamers.

Becky Madeley, Marketing Manager

Gift I wanted as a child: The only thing on my official list to Father Christmas was always a pony. However on the back I would write a substitute list of things I wanted in case I couldn’t get a pony. Stuff I always wanted and never got included Mr Frosty (it’s a waste of money) and a Barbie Doll (Sindy was more wholesome!)

Gift I want this year: A White Christmas! But not too white – just a nice festive sprinkling.

Hannah Lambert, Digital Marketing Executive

Gift I wanted as a child: I had “horse” at the top of my Christmas and birthday list until I was well into my twenties when I realised I had to let go. I loved riding but in hindsight, I really don’t like early mornings and am not particularly fond of spending hours mucking out so I think my parents were right not to fork out!

Gift I want this year: Unusually I struggled to think of anything for my list this year. However, I was sucked in once again by Instagram where all the celebs were telling me the nineties were back so I’ve asked for a pair of Adidas Gazelle trainers – not dissimilar from the ones I had as a teenager in the actual nineties!


Boys who like toys.

Marc Burns, Digital Marketing Manager             

Gift I wanted as a child: I always wanted a monster truck or at least a remote-control monster truck. My remote-control F1 car was rubbish at doing sweet jumps.

Gift I want this year: Someone to fix the massive dent in my car during a period I don’t have to work and therefore have to use public transport.

Ian Thomas, Senior Research Manager

Gift I wanted as a child: I wanted a BigTrak as I thought the fact you could programme something to find its way round your house was really cutting edge

Gift I want this year: A drone because it’s obviously the natural evolution of BigTrak and I really fancy myself as a drone super pilot.


Mature, practical thinkers.

Nathan Shrubb, Research Executive

Gift I wanted as a child: Buzz Lightyear action figure because it was the size of a small child, everyone wanted one and it was awesome! I actually received it for my 21st birthday but then sold it in a car-boot sale as a skint student.

Gift I want this year: Money towards a new sofa. As I write this, the realisation of how sad and old that makes me, actually hurts.

David Brookbanks, Media & PR Manager

Gift I wanted as a child: Anything from Thundercats. I feel like I don’t need to provide a reason given Thundercats is the greatest show ever made and also has the best theme tune.

Gift I want this year: Someone to renovate my new house so I don’t have to.

David Langham, Marketing & Communications Assistant

Gift I wanted as a child: Star Wars figures.

Gift I want this year: Star Wars artbooks.


And those who have never grown up.

James Ealey, Business Development Director

Gift I wanted as a child: Raleigh ultra-burner bike. A red one. All of my mates had a burner, so I thought an ultra-burner would be extra cool.

Gift I want this year: Raleigh ultra-burner bike. Seeing the picture again has made me realise what a truly great bike it is.

Shelley Johnson, Marketing Manager

Gift I wanted as a child: I really wanted a farm set and at the time it felt like I had to wait decades until Santa turned up with one of those. He did though. He provided the buildings and a few other farm staples. I then spent hours in Fenwick’s toy department looking at rows and rows of plastic cows, horses, pigs and chickens trying to pick my favourites to live on my farm.

Gift I want this year: I’ve suggested a few books that I would like to those that like to buy me gifts. They won’t get a look in on Christmas day though, not now I’ve remembered there’s a farm set in my mam and dad’s loft.


Post by David Langham, Marketing & Communications Assistant


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