Everything we use today will be obsolete in 5 years

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Thinking about a three or five year digital strategy has started me thinking about what technology we use today will still be around in 2020.

Almost everything on our desks, in our pockets and in our homes could be replaced by technology that exists today. The illustration below shows just a few of them.

All of these devices could be obsolete by 2020

All of these devices could be obsolete by 2020

Monitors, TVs, and cinema screens could be replaced by AR or VR. The humble mouse and keyboard replaced by motion sensors (already appearing on PCs as a direct influence of games consoles), touch screens, or wearable tech.

The desktop and laptop must surely become superfluous to the general user as smartphones get more powerful and their usage reaches saturation. But how much longer will we still refer to these devices as “phones” when making actual phone calls is just a minor feature of them.

The death of print has been prophesied for at least a generation though and hasn’t happened quite yet. So is it a bit early to start writing obituaries?

Post by Marc Burns, Digital Marketing Manager


Devices shown above:

1/ Screens (monitors, TVs, cinema screens)
2/ The mouse
3/ Cables
4/ The physical keyboard
5/ Printers
6/ Smart phones
7/ Tablets
8/ Laptops
9/ Desktop PC
10/ Print
11/ Physical software (CDs, DVDs, PC software)
12/ Cameras

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