NGI Solutions’ all-time favourite Christmas adverts – revised for 2018

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time for our NGI Solutions team to share their favourite Christmas adverts of all time! So, if you’ve decorated the office on the first working day in December (like us) our you’re already fed up to the Christmas adverts on TV, take a moment to enjoy our top picks…

John Lewis – The Bear and the Hare

Chosen by: Ali Brown, Marketing & Communications Executive
Why: Who wouldn’t love an advert that brings together unlikely animal friends, who just want to make sure their friend the Bear doesn’t miss out on all the fun of Christmas?

Aldi – Telescope

Chosen by: Finlay Magowan, PR Manager
Why: Aldi’s marketing is always clever and this is no exception. I prefer their advert with the old lady drinking gin but that’s not particularly Christmassy…

Lidl – School of Christmas

Chosen by: Hannah Lambert, Digital Marketing Executive
Why: The school of Christmas is an amazing idea! I could do with some courses in Untaggling Fairy Lights and Present-Opening-Face Practice!

Sainsbury’s, 2014

Chosen by: Ian Thomas, Associate Director, and Kelly Gleadow, PR and Communications Manager
Ian: I was obviously going to choose something that featured football and I think this advert from Sainsbury’s shows that Christmas is a time that brings people together – plus it’s a great tribute to those who fought in the war.
Kelly: I hate the idea of commercial firms competing for who can be the most emotive and compelling to sell more,  but I really loved the sentiment behind this one for Sainsbury’s. Lovely message around peace and that Christmas is a time for forgiveness and kindness.

Iceland – Rang-tan

Chosen by: Kathie Wilcox, Director, and Samantha Chambers, Research Executive
Kathie: It’s moving, engaging, educational, thought provoking and highlights a really important environmental issue. Whether it was intentionally designed to spark such widespread controversy or not – it’s a genius piece of marketing and demonstrates Iceland’s corporate values are about more than just Christmas profits… which makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and festive! 🙂
Samantha: I’m aware that this is the second vote for this ad, but I agree with Kathie that Iceland’s unconventional take on a Christmas advert needs recognition. It is hardhitting and sparks an important debate and although it’s not festive, it should give families something to consider whilst overindulging on Christmas shopping – as so often happens at this time of year.

Yankee Candle @ Collectables

Chosen by: Marc Burns, Digital Marketing Manager
Why: The Collectables Advert of 2012 is definitely my favourite, I don’t see why it’s not more popular. Who doesn’t feel festive watching an advert that was filmed from the point of view of a house burglar?

Love is a Gift

Chosen by: Nathan Shrubb, Partnership and Project Manager
Why: This cost £50 and sums up that Christmas is about family, love, and that it can also be a difficult period for some people.


And there you have it, the all time best Christmas adverts according to the NGI Solutions team. Do you share one of our choices, or has your favourite festive advert been missed of the list?

Post by Ali Brown, Marketing Executive

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