NGI Solutions launches new research panel

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Insight-led research, marketing and PR agency NGI Solutions has launched a new research panel to help businesses connect to their customers.

The in-house community research panel, Northern Voice, has over 1,500 active participants and gives clients the opportunity to seek opinion on their brands and products. The panel technology gives clients flexibility in their approach depending on the depth of opinion they want – with options available from short surveys through to detailed focus groups.

Northern Voice has already assisted several businesses to better understand their customers. Recently, estate agent Walton Robinson used the panel to understand consumer holiday habits, while Tyne Tunnel 2 wanted to understand travel habits of its users.

Our associate director, Ian Thomas, commented: “Customer panels are becoming an increasingly popular research tool as they allow clients to develop an ongoing relationship with panelists. With Northern Voice businesses can test changes in perception from a specific group of people over a period of time rather than one-off surveys.

“Insight gained from using Northern Voice lets clients understand their customers better and tweak strategies accordingly. Added to this it gives them empirical evidence to be able to make important business decisions confidently.”

For more information on how NGI Solutions, and Northern Voice, can help with your research needs, visit

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