NGI Solutions’ all-time favourite Christmas adverts

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While we’re not about to start decking the NGI Solutions halls just yet, there has been a reasonable amount of festive chatter within them this week. Following John Lewis’ head of marketing’s hint at a change in direction for their Christmas advertising, we’ve been picking our favourite yuletide TV commercials. We’ll find out next Thursday if John Lewis’ 2016 ad can knock any of these off their perch.

Quality Street – Magic Moments

Chosen by: Kathie Wilcox, Marketing & Communications Director
Why: One that always sticks with me is the Quality Street ad – a little boy is helped across the road every day by a lollypop lady in all seasons and at the end he gives her some Christmas chocs. I really loved it as it was just so simple but sweet and touching too – something that everyone can relate to and kind of sums up the real meaning of Christmas (sometimes the mushiness and / or overly commercial focus of Christmas ads can all be a bit too much!)

Yankee Candle @ Collectables

Chosen by: Marc Burns, Digital Marketing Manager
Why: I can’t believe no one else picked the Collectables Advert of 2012. I think it’s meant to be from the point of view of a house burglar.

Toys R Us

Chosen by: Shelley Armstrong, Media & PR Manager
Why: For me, it has to be the iconic 80’s Toys R Us advert. I still can’t go to Toys R Us without singing the jingle in my head. It absolutely signalled the start of the festive season for me as a child (like most) obsessed with toys.

Sainsbury’s, 2014

Chosen by: Ian Thomas, Senior Research Manager
Why: I’m going Sainsbury’s 2014 – a brilliant ‘thank you’ to those who fought in the war and obviously it involves football [one of Ian’s favourite things].

Sainsbury’s, 2013

Chosen by: James Ealey, Business Development Director
Why: It encapsulates all things about being in a family – joy, sadness and sacrifice – in just over a minute.

Lidl, 2015

Chosen by: Hannah Lambert, Digital Marketing Executive
Why: Courses in Untaggling Fairy Lights and Present-Opening-Face Practice should be compulsory in the run up to Christmas! I loved this advert last year.

John Lewis, 2011

Chosen by: Becky Madeley, Marketing Manager
Why: John Lewis actually made me cry. Telling the tale of the boy counting down to Christmas, but it is the heart-wrenching twist at the end when he’s impatient to give his present to his parents.

Coca Cola, Holidays are Coming

Chosen by: Becky Beaumont, Media & PR Executive
Why: A classic and in my eyes the true Christmas advert. It brings the magic of Christmas to life.

Irn Bru – The Snowman

Chosen by: Nathan Shrubb, Research Executive
Why: Hilarious and I love Irn Bru.

Aldi – Telescope

Chosen by: David Langham, Marketings & Communications Assistant
Why: If I have to explain, then you wouldn’t understand.

Sainsbury’s – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Chosen by: Shelley Johnson, Marketing Manager
Why: Mog wasn’t actually my first choice. I loved it so much I assumed someone else would pick this. To my surprise, they didn’t. So I’m picking two since it’s my blog. When I first saw this it felt like Sainsbury’s had crossed one of my favourite children’s book characters with the slapstick of Laurel and Hardy and the feelgood festive end of It’s a Wonderful Life, as a special Christmas gift for me. Thanks Sainsbury’s!


Chosen by: Shelley Johnson, Marketing Manager
Why: A combination of so many of my favourite things – Christmas, advertising, football, footballers acting* (especially Wayne Rooney) and Gerard Pique. It might very well just be me, but it makes me smile a lot.

So there they are – our favourite Christmas TV adverts, in no particular order. After making the list, I think I’m more excited to see what Sainsbury’s will offer up this year than John Lewis. But then I’d probably be happy with Wayne Rooney in a nativity scene.

*See When footballers endorse products: 10 TV adverts that make me smile for more footballers acting.

Post by Shelley Johnson, Marketing Manager

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