Invest North East England: Social media training

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Invest North East England wanted to develop their social media skills, so they could effectively support their core objective of attracting businesses to the region.

Two of our team delivered social media training for 12 people, from the Invest North East England team and the seven local authority partners. This involved a bespoke day-long session designed to enable the inward investment teams to leverage social media and use it effectively to support objectives and work in attracting businesses to the region.

The session covered Twitter and LinkedIn specifically and explored the basics of using these channels effectively, refining messaging, building the community / network and the development of a strategy, delivery plan and evaluation framework.


From The Client

“The day was extremely informative and well received by the attendees who were at various levels of social media savviness. Marc and Becky were both very engaging, enthusiastic and clearly knowledgeable and really helped plot a course through those key elements of social media that are important to us to help attract inward investment into the North East.”

Guy Currey, Director, Invest North East England

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