Tyne Tunnel 2: Customer Journey Perceptions Study

Tyne Tunnel 2 (TT2) required an understanding of how the new Tyne Tunnel had impacted on customer experiences and satisfaction and also wished to gain a detailed understanding of motivations for tunnel usage and what would encourage customers to use it more often.

In 2015 we conducted an online survey and face-to-face interviews at the tunnel. This was followed up in early 2016 with another online survey focusing on permit holders. In total we have had over 11,500 respondents.

The insight from both projects has helped TT2 assess its approach to a variety of business areas. This ranges from ongoing communications and new sources of revenue generation, through to advertising recall analysis and congestion perception exploration. The two sets of data allow comparisons so TT2 can see how customer satisfaction, habits and priorities are changing over time.


From The Client

“We commissioned NGIS Research to deliver wide-ranging insight surveys, focusing on the customer experience, usage patterns and journey analysis. Given the size of the survey samples, what has really impressed us is their ability to effectively analyse such vast amounts of data and deliver our senior management team with practical business outputs and recommendations.”

Rachel Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer, TT2