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Cue the Hovis advert music.

When I was a lad, by the time I took a wider interest in the world (I did Dad, honestly) there were only a few outlets to watch, read and listen to.

Four TV channels, radio and the printed word to be precise.

So, what did that mean?

No 24-hour news meant that any news broadcasts were valued and to an extent, trusted. A ‘newsflash’, or breaking news, usually meant something genuinely important.

It also meant, that whether you were watching the news, or reading the paper, it was likely that you learnt something that you weren’t previously aware of.

So, what did that mean?

I would venture it made me more aware of the wider world, what was going on inside it, while taking me into areas that would not typically have made it onto my radar (i.e. – will Gazza go to Italy, anything to do with Wendy James and when will the Stone Roses second album be released).

All of which is a good thing. Which brings me neatly on to today and also tomorrow.

Where do most of us consume our media now? Websites, online feeds, social media? Are there still some newspaper readers among us?

But how do we get a broad or balanced view? Especially as so many of our channels are pre-defined by our own interests and browsing habits. The concern would be that as our media consumption becomes ever more filtered through our own spectacles, we may never learn about other things in the wider world.

Learning about new things, whether you are 12, 32 or 62 is surely too interesting and important to ignore. And it’s fun.

So, we should use and embrace new technology to broaden our media consumption, rather than closing ourselves off to other points of view.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Post by James Ealey, Business Development Director


The Hovis advert from 1973, for anyone who likes old adverts, Dvorak or bread:

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